Memor Scanner

How does it Work

The RMStock software is the interface between your MYOB® RetailManager Program and the Datalogic : Memor Scanner (pictured)that is used to scan your items .

The RMStock software downloads your MYOB® RetailManager stock information to the Datalogic : Memor Scanner. This allows you to browse your store, scan product barcodes and amend stock on hand figures, as well as add items into RetailManager not currently on file, do price checks and adjustments. Once you have completed the stock management tasks, the MYOB® RetailManager data is updated flawlessly via the RMStock software.

The RMStock Portable Stocktake Package uses the Datalogic : Memor. Hand Held Mobile Computer to do the data collection and scanning of your items. This hardware enables you to go mobile with your stock management.

The Datalogic : Memor is state of the art and its features include :

  • Windows CE Interface.
  • Touch Screen for ease of use.
  • Sharp and bright QVGA color graphic display
  • Ergonomic, compact and robust
  • 128mb of Memory.

With the Touch Screen Color Windows interface, and ergonomic design. The Memor is the most user friendly and accessible unit available. Combined with the RMStock software replicating the design and interface of MYOB® RetailManager itself, makes RMStock by far the easiest system for even the most inexperienced to use.

RMStock Features

Stocktaking :RMStock Memor in use

Stocktaking is an important task for every retailer but most find it costly and time consuming. RMStock allows you to do a portable stocktake, counting stock as quickly and accurately as possible.

RMStock streamlines stocktaking by automating the process with the use of barcode technology, and allowing you to go mobile, scanning your barcodes where the stock item is located.

Full or partial stocktake's can be performed, and your portable stocktake can now be done while trading.

The process is simple :
Your MYOB® RetailManager stock information is transferred into the Datalogic : Memor (pictured) via the RMStock software allowing you to move freely around your store/warehouse and simply scan your items and perform a portable stocktake as you go.
By simply scanning a product barcode the sell price and stock on hand figures automatically display on the Datalogic : Memor unit. The stock on hand figure is easily updated by typing in the correct figure and pressing enter on the data terminal.
Once the mobile stocktake is completed MYOB® RetailManager is updated via the RMStock software.


Purchase Orders :

Take your purchasing ordering mobile.

RMStock assists retailers in more accurately purchasing stock with the ability to create purchase orders from within your store rather than from behind a computer or desk.

Simply scan the barcode on a product and type in the quantity that requires ordering.

Once the purchase order is configured it can be uploaded to MYOB® RetailManager via the RMStock software.

Multiple Purchase orders can be created for different suppliers simultaneously using the MYOB® RetailManager Supplier Default. Purchase Orders can be amended via MYOB ® RetailManager.



Goods Receiving :

RMStock streamlines the processing of goods receiving from suppliers with the ability to scan the barcode of the products that have been received and recording the quantity received.

Reconciling the stock with an existing purchase order in MYOB® RetailManager is done simply via the RMStock software.

Mobile goods receiving allows you to scan the items at the receiving dock, as they arrive.

Sales Orders :

When its not practical to take a customers goods to the point of sale, RMStock allows you to scan the items at there location, using the Datalogic : Memor handheld unit, this can then be uploaded into MYOB® RetailManager to create an order.

This Sales Order may then be recalled and the transaction completed.

Returned Goods :

Items to be returned to a supplier may be scanned with the portable terminal and uploaded into MYOB® RetailManager to create a Returned Goods transaction.

If you are interested in purchasing RMStock, or have any questions to make sure it fits your specific needs. Please done hesitate to Contact Us at BarcodeLogic