Update Software


Update Software

Click the above links to download the required version of RMStock

Links to Downloads for Communication software can be found clicking here

RMStock version 12.1 is a later, updated version of RMStock which includes the ability to use the purchasable addon RM Mobile, allowing you to do Mobile Sales using the Memor PDT

To Install

The above file is the RMStock program only and does not include Activ Sync or Mobile Device Centre. Which should be on your computer from the original install. Or Found in the above link

These seperate Programs allow your PC to communicate with the Memor PDT, and which program you need depends on your version of Windows Operating System.

To update your RMStock version. Click the above link to download the file. Install the new version over the top of the old version of RMStock.

After installation of the update, your RMStock will need to be reactivated. Fill out the activation form and please include your Licence number or serial number of your hardware.

Your activation code will be sent to you, and once put in your software will be fully functional with the new updates.